Photograph by Sebastián Ramos.

Here are some facts about me:
•          Born and raised in Sinaloa, México, I enjoyed both beautiful sunsets at the beach and the cool temperatures in the mountains.
•          My family is multicultural. I'm Mexican-Native American on my mom's side and Mexican of European descent on my dad's side. 
•          The town where I grew up was tiny. There were not many streetlights, which allowed me to spend nights gazing at the sky. While I was still young, my father bought me a second-hand telescope that he set up in a shed on the roof of our house. As I spent hour after hour looking at the sky, I’d make up stories about whatever came to mind. 
•          My stories come from my life experiences.  For example, I can still smell the aromas wafting through the air from my mother's kitchen. I often reflect on the generations of family history recounted “back in the day” in the kitchens of my pueblo while families gathered to prepare meals. Other times, the memories of music from a nearby radio bring to mind all those children who became who they are due to the Spanish music and lyrics they heard growing up. 
•          I love creating images. The magic of telling a story without words fascinates me. I hope to develop a series of wordless picture books that won't need translation.
•          I love nature, from the aroma of flowers and the neighing of horses to the textures and scents of the earth when it rains. However, I also love museums, concerts, theatre and opera, which you cannot always find near small towns.
•          I have always had dogs as pets. Every time I lose one to age or a disease, I promise myself I will never put myself through that again. But after some time, I miss all they have brought to my life. My last “puppy”, Matilda, lived with me for almost 16 years.
•          I have four siblings - three brothers and one sister.
•          I am married to a man whose job has taken our family around the world. We have lived in five different countries with our three beautiful children.
•          My family likes to say that I am a professional student, but I’d rather think of myself as a “life-long learner.” I have two bachelor's degrees: one in Accounting and Administration and a second one in Illustration. I also have a master's degree in International Affairs (Economy). 
•          I love numbers, in part because they are what they are. No room for misinterpretations or misunderstandings!
•          I speak Spanish, English, French (un peu) and a little bit of Thai.
•          I write (and love reading) stories about multicultural children from diverse backgrounds.
•          We currently live in Ciudad de Mexico.